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Penis Enlargement Scams are Everywhere!

The internet is FULL of scams which will take your money, but then provide with nothing in return. Unfortunately, because of the increasing success of the penis enlargement industry there have been a flood of scammers into the penis enlargement market. For legal reasons we can not list the names of the companies that we believe offer "less than" perfect systems. Hopefully you can determine on your own - by utilizing ratings and giving notice to the companies who refused to participate in our project, who offer quality programs.

99% of penis enlargement products and sites are rip offs of other sites or products. This means that you end up paying lots of $$ only to get an inferior product with inferior support which will leave you feeling cheated and with no gains. The basic tips below can help you make the correct decision when purchasing a penis enlargement product.

Tip #1 - Have you seen products ranked high on other sites that we DO NOT list?

Well, straight up, the answer is simple ...those other products do not work as advertised...period.

Stay away from Penis Exercise Membership Websites!!
Exercises on their own WILL NOT enlarge your penis!
Supplements promote blood flow internally, something exercises alone can NOT do. Ingredients such as L-Arginine vastly improve the effectiveness of male enhancement supplements.
L-Arginine - You can't get a bigger erection without it.

The amino acid L-Arginine is a precursor of Nitric Oxide, meaning your body needs L-Arginine to make Nitric Oxide. A gas molecule, Nitric Oxide is the compound that is necessary for blood circulation and improved blood flow which makes nitric oxide essential for men to have erections!

Taking supplements with L-Arginine will vastly improve blood flow to the genital region by aiding in the dilation of the blood vessels there. Once the blood vessels are dilated, the blood flow can surge to the penis and allow for larger and harder erections as well as an increased frequencey of those bigger erections.

Supplements without L-Arginine just don't make sense as they are depriving you of a vital amino acid that is necessary for male enhancement.

Stay away from ANY Penis Enlargement Pill or Patch website that claims Permanent Results.
Extenders are the only method that can guarantee permanent results when used on it's own. Any pill or patch site that claims permanent results is lying to you unless it is offered with an exercise program. You need to combine both methods, exercises combined with pills or patches in order to achieve permanent results.

Stay away from any product or site that guarantees 3-5 inches in just weeks!
This is 100% impossible. In order to achieve 3-5" in just weeks we recommend nothing short of a complete penis transplant! The pills and patches do work but you would only notice minimal gains in just 3-4 weeks! Most of our readers tell us that it takes 3-4 months to see the desired results from the use of either pills or patches. However we found that minimal results from using an Extender device can be in fact noticed within just 2-4 weeks.

Stay away from any type of Liquid penis enlargement products that use false advertising!
This method does not work as they advertise and the product WILL NOT give you 4 inches of new size in just 4 weeks. We consider this type of marketing 100% fraudulent.

Tip #2 - Is the site professionally designed?

Does the site look like it was actually designed by a company? If the site has an amateur design then more than likely it as been put together by some kid in his bedroom who is looking to make thousands from ripping off men with a below average product! Is the site duplicated content stolen from other more respectable sites such as a few of the sites out there that look exactly like this one except for the menu colours are changed around a bit... Buyer Beware.

Tip #3 - Go with a well respected company.

In our directory we have given each site a rating on their "reputation". We link this to how long they have been selling their program/product on the internet and the feedback that we received about the company. Many sites CLAIM that they have been online for years but when you check the WHO IS records you find they have been online for no longer than a few months.

Tip #4 - Avoid sites that use illegal "spamming methods".

If you receive an unsolicited email then the company is acting illegally and is more than likely just out to make a quick buck. We receive hundreds of emails a day from these companies that actually SPAM US. Our advice is steer clear. Do NOT purchase from sites that SPAM YOU.

Tip #5 - Avoid sites with amateur URLS.

Avoid sites with names that are longer than your arm - URLS such as penis-enlargement-pills-increase-your-penis-size.com . These are frankly just ridiculous and are created by people that want to get higher listings in a search engines. Choose your program like you were choosing a lawyer - you wouldn't go with a firm whose name is "We'll Get You Out Of Trouble No Matter What You've Gotten Yourself Into". Same goes for websites.

Tip #6 - Avoid sites with copied testimonials.

Sites which copy other sites testimonials can NOT be trusted. Do not TOUCH sites like this. If their program/product really worked then there would be no need to do this. Avoid at all costs.

Tip #7 - Crap support needs to be avoided.

When using a penis enlargement product support is ESSENTIAL. If you have just ordered $200 of penis enlargement pills but no one will answer your support questions on delivery time then it will leave you frustrated and feeling ripped off. Proper companies that CARE about your penis gains will provide e-mail support. Test out their support by emailing them, 48 hour response time should be easily achievable by most of the sites. The sites with the best support are the sites which will give you the results that you really want.

Tip #8 - Avoid products with low grade ingredients.

Many men are tempted to go for a cheaper penis enlargement pill which would be FINE if it worked. The quality of the ingredients is so poor in some of the lower grade pills that men have reported cases of stomach problems! Companies which offer these low grade pills often make their money by offering cheap ingredients and charging you close to the same amount as companies that offer high quality ingredients. Poor ingredients = poor results. If the price is cheap then it is cheap for a reason.

USE JUDGMENT - Choose sites which look reputable and you have been referred to. There are hundreds of review sites out there that rate the "highest commission" paying programs first. We are also a review site but offer you concrete results from each company we reviewed. This site can help you make an informed buying decision.

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