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Are All Of These Products Doctor Approved?

The first rule of thumb when reviewing a product is to find out if the product is at minimum recommended or approved by a legitimate doctor.
It is very hard to find a legitimate, traditional licensed medical doctor in North America who will put his reputation on the line in order to support any form of Chinese medicine especially when it involves the promotion of Chinese herbs developed and used solely for the purpose of enlarging the penis.

We get hundreds of emails a month from clients and users of the various products listed on our network confirming this statement and they usually go like this:

Dear Mens Health Network:
After weeks of skepticism since talking with my family doctor about the subject and everything he said about "staying away from penis pills or patches, they do not work", I broke down and decided to give them a shot anyway and sure enough.. The products do work and I am a happier man because of it. Sure they do not give you a HUGE 12" penis as some of the lesser known products advertise, but they do add size and most importantly they have restored faith in my sex life and my confidence is though the roof.

You will be pleased to know that all of the products listed on our network carry the doctor approved symbol and are also developed in an FDA approved lab.

We do not list products that do not work.
We do not list products that cause side effects.
We do not list products that have a success rate lower than 96%.

Most importantly, unlike all of the other so-called review sites found on the internet, we DO NOT list products on our network at the top of the list just because they may have high paying affiliate programs just to make a quick buck on their useless product. If you find that our list of products is different from the other top product lists found on these so-called review sites then simply stay away from the others because your health may be at risk.

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