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Penis Patches VS Penis Pills

As the penis enlargement market expands and becomes more and more mainstream, many men are starting to take notice of the possibilities opened by the male enhancement products. However, every new customer that joins the trend has the same question on his lips: which product should I choose? Some customers make their own research before buying anything and know what they are looking for, but most new customers have little idea how penis enlargement products work. Thus, many men find themselves comparing products they have never heard of and trying to decide which one is better. For instance, not a lot of people understand the differences between penis enlargement pills and patches.

Let’s use for this comparative presentation two quality penis enlargement products made by the same company: ProSolution Pills and ProEnhance. As the brand name implies, ProSolution is a male enhancement formula sold as pills, while ProEnhance is a mixture of natural substances packed into a patch. The biggest differences between these two products is the means by which the substances are delivered and, of course, the formulas themselves. There is little, if any, difference in effectiveness, although there are groups of people who claim that one or the other of the two contending products is better.

As everybody knows, pills work by reaching the stomach and dissolving there. Once the stomach acids tear the capsule apart, the substances pass through the liver and into the blood stream and start doing their work. In order for ProSolution Pills to be effective, the concentration of active substances inside the body must be maintained by taking one pill per day. The patch, however, works by sending the active substances through the skin directly in the blood vessels. Thus the substances avoid some of the processing that occurs in the stomach and liver. This delivery method has the added advantage that patches have to be changed every few days and not every single day, which gives ProEnhance a slight edge over pills.

Ultimately, choosing between these two products is a matter of taste, since both are effective and popular penis enlargement solutions with well-established reputations. It’s up to the buyer to choose between pills that he has to remember to take every day and a “put on and forget” patch that lasts a couple of days. The only important thing is to make an informed decision and avoid spending money on products that either do not work or, worse, are bad for the customer.


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